I am a middle school teacher in Connecticut who enjoys a simple and beautiful life. My priorities in teaching include finding ways to make math REAL for every student and inspiring others to see math in their lives outside of the classroom. I am also a wife, mama, and serious cook. I am open to sharing, building, and transforming ideas with the entire math communityDSC01332.JPG


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  1. Hi there. I just read your post about your PBL lesson you did for equations. I too love Robert’s Kaplinsky’s lessons. I was wondering if you could share with me your slides of this lesson. You said you had adjusted it for your lesson. Could you also share what your google spreadsheet looks like of the students’ high and low guesses? I also teach 7th grade, but in St. Louis, MO. Thank you so much. I was planning on trying this lesson next week.


    1. Hi Miza,

      I am so sorry, I have not had time to check the blog the past few weeks with all that has been going on. You probably already taught the lesson. Can I offer to share the slides with you now or is it too late? Let me know what you might be interested in having.


    1. Hi Joshua!
      Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear if you love the lesson (and your students do) as much as we did. I am looking forward to trying it again this year. I just posted a PDF in the blog entry. There is a link right in there.


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